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Division of One Health

Promoting and expanding a vision of optimal health for people, animals and our environment.

Division of One Health

One Health describes the collaborative effort of multiple disciplines – working locally, nationally, and internationally – to attain optimal health for people, animals and our environment.

The Division of One Health at the UGA Biomedical and Health Sciences Institute seeks to promote and expand the ongoing One Health efforts of UGA faculty, students and staff who share One Health’s unified vision towards combating today’s global health threats.


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Upcoming Conferences

Dr. Bernhardt Presentation

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Dr. Thomas Bernhardt
“Getting Bacteria Into Shape: Regulation of Cell Wall Assembly”
Edgar Sherman
“Aminoglycoside Heteroresistance in Gram-Negative Pathogens”

6th International One Health Congress 

June 15-June 18, 2020
Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom